How can I reserve The Makeup Culture for my Wedding or Event?

The booking process is simple. Click on the CONTACT link and send us your requested date, time frame and services requested. If we are able to accommodate your request, we will confirm the details with you directly. To reserve beauty services for your wedding day, follow the same process and once we confirm the details, a deposit and contract are required to hold the date.


Who is the lead stylist/artist with The Makeup Culture?

The Makeup Culture was founded and led by Stephanie Sevilla. Stephanie has been in the beauty industry for 20 years and has cultivated a special team of hair and makeup assistants for large group on-location weekend work. Unless expressly disclosed, Stephanie is the primary makeup artist and hair stylist for all bookings.


How long does bridal hair & makeup take?

We prefer to have 2 full hours to pamper the bride on her wedding day with a signature hair & makeup style. Makeup or hair only, 60 minutes. This gives us ample time to make sure the look is perfect before you walk down the aisle. Bridesmaids or bridal party member services are allotted 30 minutes each.


Are false eye lashes included?

YES! False eye lashes are the icing on the cake and included with every makeup service. We use temporary single day wear individual lashes in varied lengths to ensure the right amount of drama for your style and features.  All makeup sessions include complimentary false individual lash application.


How long do the false individual lashes last?

The lashes and glue we use are single day wear use only. This means they typically last until you wash your makeup off. However, some clients comfortably extend the wear for another day beyond the initial application.


Do you use strip or individual lashes?

Ever seen a lash pop off at the corners or heard of someone losing a false lash strip? Think lashes sometimes look too harsh or overly fake? We have too! And its our mission to make sure a lash emergency doesn’t happen. EVER. For this reason we highly recommend individual lashes for natural looks, events lasting more than 4 hours, lightweight comfort or natural light scenarios. However, we consider ourselves lash artists and by request, we can create stunning dramatic lashes with strips and even non-traditional textiles when a stylized lash effect is preferred.


What makeup brands does The Makeup Culture use?

A: We have an OBSESSION with beauty products and strive to stock the best brands available and remain cutting edge with our selection in performance, formulations and color range. By the time a product makes it into our kit, we have tested it for performance on ourselves and more than a few friends. Currently, our favorites include Nars, Becca, Makeup Forever, Bobbi Brown, Temptu (airbrush), MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte, Buxom, Hourglass, Cle De Peau, Laura Mercier, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Smashbox and Urban Decay. We add new products to our kits monthly as new items are released that meet our kit-worthy standards. Some of our performance standards include: versatility for sensitive/reactive skin types, comfort during wear, long lasting when appropriate, photo friendly for both studio and natural lighting, shade range within a product type, portability in our traveling kits.


Do you use waterproof makeup?

Yes, event makeup services include waterproof mascara and eyeliner, water resistant complexion makeup, eyeshadow and false lashes.


Is my lipstick long wear?

We stock many formulations of both long wear and highly pigmented cream lip color formulations. The choice is the client’s. We feel that more natural shades photograph better in creamy formulas that are high in pigmentation but not overly matte or dry looking. High impact shades like red or wine colors are best in long wear options. Similarly, glosses are sometimes too shiny in photographs. We enjoy guiding the client to the right choice for their color and wearability preferences.


What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a method of applying liquid makeup in mist form with a machine attached to a compressor that uses controlled air to force the liquid out as a mist. Foundation, eye makeup and body art can all be applied in this method. We use Temptu and MAC brands as our preferred Airbrush formulations.


What is better for weddings: Airbrush vs. Traditional Makeup?

Currently, we offer both options but believe that the traditional method of applying makeup is superior on most clients for several reasons: Color range and formula innovation. Prestige makeup brands release new products every week and the creativity and options are overwhelmingly endless. Airbrush brands have not evolved at the same pace that traditional makeup formulas have as airbrush makeup remains a predominantly artist based medium not used by the average consumer. Until airbrush formulas evolve, we default to traditional makeup techniques unless a bride specifically books airbrush services for her wedding party.


What are the sanitary standards for makeup kits?

We use disposable applicators on all cream/liquid based products and never double dip. All makeup brushes are washed before and after every use.  Some staining occurs over time from waterproof formulas and this is normal and not an indicator of a contaminated brush. Makeup kits are detailed weekly, thoroughly wiped down and restocked, disposing of any broken or outdated products. Annually, we dispose of ALL liquid/cream based products that haven’t been used up in the course of the year.


I prefer to use my own makeup or hair products for my session. Can I bring my personal beauty bag?

Yes, we love discovering new and amazing products from our clients. On occasion, we may determine that a client’s personal beauty product for daily wear doesn’t meet performance standards for event or photo shoot wearability and will suggest a substitute or supplement from our kit for the best results possible.


I have a gluten sensitivity/allergy. Are your beauty products gluten free?

Most of our products are gluten free. The few cosmetics that have trace amounts of gluten are generally safe for those who are sensitive/allergic to gluten. The main cosmetic grade Gluten ingredient culprits are found in moisturizers for the body because of the larger surface area. If you have concern, always consult your doctor for testing to determine the level of reactiveness you have to Gluten and other ingredients before trying new beauty products.


How should I prep my skin for my makeup session?

Please arrive to your makeup appointment with freshly cleansed and hydrated skin when possible. If you have makeup on, we will remove it for you and apply moisturizer. For the best results, do a gentle exfoliating scrub (a great DIY recipe on the blog here) and apply your daily moisturizer the night before. Lastly, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water the week leading up to your big event. 


Should I wash my hair before my styling session?

Styles hold best on day-old-dirty hair. The trick to your best “dirty hair” experience is to properly wash and style it the day before with products. For those gals with unusually oily or baby fine hair, washing is permitted but must be thoroughly dry for long lasting style. Moisture is the primary enemy of gorgeous locks. For blowout services, washing up to 30 minutes prior to the blow out is best. We recommend a double lather with your shampoo to remove product buildup and using an extra smoothing conditioner. 


Do I need hair extensions?

Does you hair hold curl well? Do you have thick hair? Is your hair long enough for the style you desire? If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, then temporary clip-in hair extensions might be the right addition for creating your hair vision. If bringing in your own set of extension to your styling session, be sure they are 100% human hair and take heat well. 


What should I expect at a Trial Hair and Makeup session?

The trial is a mutual meet ‘n greet to set the tone for the wedding day experience in addition to designing the hair and makeup look for the wedding day. The hair and makeup team is closely and intimately involved behind the scenes as the bride and bridal party get ready for the main event. You should feel comfortable and confident with their personality and professionalism. The beginning portion of the session is a 15 minute consultation discussing beauty vision, overall wedding style, specific concerns and requests. Together we decide what look to try for the trial run through. During the trial, we work together to create the best look that incorporates personal style and individual features. At the end of the trial session, we look for feedback on subtle tweaks to make the day-of style feel perfect for each unique bride on her wedding day.


How far in advance do I need to book beauty services for my wedding day?

We typically reserve wedding dates for our clients 9-12 months in advance. Typically, once you have secured the venue and event date, brides reach out to secure their beauty team. If its within the year, please do reach out anyway and if we cannot accept your request, we try to recommend a few local alternatives.


When should I schedule my trial hair and makeup session for my wedding day?

Ideally, the hair and makeup trial is scheduled about 3 months before the wedding day. This puts the trial closer to the season of your wedding day and informs beauty choices more accurately while also allowing time for planning and implementing wedding day prep before the actual wedding day.


Where does the Trial Hair and Makeup session take place and how long does it take?

This session takes place in our Raleigh studio. We are located near Glenwood South/Cameron Village off Wade Ave. Studio hours are Monday-Thursday 10-7pm. Weekends are reserved for on-location client bookings. The trial session takes about 2-3 hours depending on the client’s needs.


What happens if I don’t like my hair and makeup trial?

We love to put a smile on your face and see that inner beauty radiate from a feeling of confidence. We try to treat each client individually and ask lots of questions to create a look that feels uniquely tailored to their features and beauty preferences. If at the end of the session, you feel that things need to be different, please let us know and we will strive to make every possible accommodation to interpret your requests to satisfaction. If after all accommodations have been made, you still are not satisfied with your service, we will refund your deposit and cancel your contract.


What is required to reserve my booking?

25% down and a signed contract reserves your on-location booking. This means you are our superstar client and we do not accept any other requests on that date.


What if I need to cancel my booking?

Services cancelled before 90 days of the wedding or event date will be refunded in full, less the deposit.  Refunds requested within 90 days of a booking are approved on a case-by-case basis.


Can I add on services after I sign my contract?

We believe in providing an easy-going beauty experience for on-location clients. Planning and preparation is needed on our end to seamlessly accommodate larger groups and the best teams book up quickly so the sooner we determine your group size, the better we can prepare for your needs. However, if you want to add services to your group after the initial booking is confirmed, please let us know and we will accommodate the request whenever possible.


How many services can The Makeup Culture Team take care of in a day?

We are a small boutique team of hair and makeup artists and can accommodate a group of up to 15 people. For groups larger than this, we network with other local hair and makeup artists pre-approved by Stephanie Sevilla.


What do I need to touch-up my event hair or makeup?

We strive to create looks that last and most of our styles hold up well through a full day of event wear. Hair: a flexible hold hair spray, comb and a handful of bobbi pins are convenient to have on hand. Makeup: Lip product of your choice is recommended. Oily skin types may prefer to carry oil blotting film or translucent touch-up powder.


Are touch-ups provided on site after the initial services have been completed?

Our beauty teams exit after the services have been completed. Most touch-ups are minimal and can be managed within a few minutes individually by the client themselves.  Clients wishing to have a stylist or makeup artist remain on site for additional touch-ups may submit a request prior to the event date. Touch-up rates vary according to the location and amount of time requested.


How long do Bridal Party Hair and Makeup sessions take on the wedding day?

A detailed schedule will be created after the trial run through session with the bride to create the best timeline for each unique bridal party. Standard Hair sessions take 30 minutes each. Standard Makeup sessions take 30 minutes each. Special circumstances like abnormally thick/long hair, hair extensions, acne cover-up, tattoo cover-up and intricately detailed looks may take more time and must be approved prior to booking services.


When is the best time to schedule facial hair removal?

Facial waxing needs at least 2 days to recover for ideal makeup applications. Waxing removes not only unwanted hair but also baby hairs and surface dead skin creating a smooth skin texture that resists makeup from adhering uniformly. Facial hair removal methods like Threading or Tweezing are preferred over Waxing for the day before makeup services.


Can I get spray tanning before my makeup session?

Yes, ideally the faux tan should set for 24-48 hours before a makeup session to allow the color to settle in and evenly tan the skin without disruption from makeup/skincare products. Send us a message for our preferred local spray tan experts.


What kind of on-location accommodations are needed for booking a beauty services team?

We love natural light near a window with access to a large tabletop with adequate surface space to spread out our kits, all next to an electrical outlet for our heat styling tools. BUT we invoke Tim Gun’s mantra  and “make it work” in lots of unconventional scenarios. If you think your location is less than ideal, feel free to reach out to see if accommodations can be made.



Thank you for taking time to read a little about us and our beauty services. Still have questions? Suggestions? Please send us a message on the CONTACT page and we will get in touch as soon as possible with a thoughtful response.