Hair Extensions 101

Hair Extensions:

Why I love them, how to make them and when to wear them.  

How many times have you looked at a photo like this:

And thought "I'd love to wear my hair like that!"?  

But your hair looks more like this:

I regularly get requests for hair styles that are simply longer and/or fuller than my client has hair to actually achieve. Enter conversation about hair extensions. 

There are many types of hair extensions, ranging from long term daily wear options to the quick clip-in special event kind.  The price range is just as broad, anywhere from $50-$1K+.  In all things you get what you pay for.  If you want to wake up every morning with full, bouncy long locks, you'll need to make an appointment with a highly skilled extension specialist.

But if you've got a special event or photo session coming up and want a quick fix, you just might be perfect for the ease and convenience of clip-in extensions.  Curious but feeling uninformed?

Extensions 101:

Clip-in hair extensions are typically strips of real hair with clips attached to the top for easy, instant use.  

They are available pre-made at beauty supply stores like Sally's and Ulta. Commonly found in blonde and brunette shades, 12-18" long, that clip into sectioned-off layers of your own hair.

They can be washed, colored, cut and heat styled(but stay away from the synthetic blends).

Can't find your exact shade or length of hair extensions? Its easy to create your own custom set.


-Pack of Real Human Hair Extensions

-12-18 Clips (about 3 clips per strip)

-Small Scissors

-Hair colored thread

-Hand sewing needle



-Cut varying widths of hair strips to fit your head.  A typical set would include 3 to 4 strips ranging from 4"-9" wide.

-Sew a clip onto each end of the base of the strip and another in the center.

-Brush, style and clip into sectioned hair. Voila! Instant length, volume and thickness!

For brides, these extensions can easily be incorporated into an up-do or formal hair style.